Dr. Tracy Leach – About Me

I am an experienced chiropractor, having practiced in BC since 2005 and on Bowen Island since 2011. I enjoy helping people, whether it’s to resolve a specific painful condition, or just to relieve tightness in the body and feel better.

I use an evidence-based approach to chiropractic. Keeping current with the scientific literature in my field helps me give you the care you need.


My professional qualifications are:

I regularly attend courses to upgrade and learn new hands-on skills. I have training in Active Release Techniques, an effective treatment for many soft tissue injuries.

Why did I Become a Chiropractor?

I knew nothing of chiropractic until I experienced an excruciatingly painful neck while I was in university. My father recommended I see his chiropractor. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the pain relief was immediate and resolved completely in just a few short visits. I was impressed and wondered why more people didn’t go to chiropractors for pain. That experience led to my decision to study chiropractic myself.

Having family on Bowen Island, I saw that there was a need for a Bowen Island chiropractor so that residents could avoid getting on a ferry to see one. I am proud to be a part of a network of other excellent health care professionals on Bowen.

Personal interests

I love nature and getting outside for hiking, cycling, swimming, or paddle boarding. Hobbies also include photography and writing.  I volunteer with Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary and am owned by four rescued/adopted parrots.

I am a 49 year old woman and I have had chiropractic work since I was about 27 years old. I have had at last 10 different chiropractors over the years because I have moved. I have had fibromyalgia for many years and chronic leg, neck and back problems. Dr. Leach is extremely caring, takes the time to know one's body and then works accordingly. I have had very good relief from pain after seeing Dr. Leach. I highly recommend her. She is one of the best of all the doctors I have seen over my 20 years or so. She knows her adjustments, cares, listens and then does the job at hand. Dr. Leach has taken the time I needed to help me feel better and assist me on a path of healing.
— Jessica D. 2007
Tracy is the only chiropractor I've stayed with. She truly cares about her patients and never makes me feel rushed. It's great to have found a female therapist who is knowledgeable and skilled. Her techniques are gentle yet effective - highly recommended!
— Maggie W.

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