Dr Tracy Leach

Tracy Leach, Vancouver Chiropractor and weekend outdoor enthusiast.

Dr. Tracy Leach is a chiropractor working on Bowen Island and in Horseshoe Bay.  She is committed to providing the very best of chiropractic care to people of all ages and all walks of life.

Using a variety of techniques individually tailored to your needs and comfort level, Dr. Leach will help you towards alleviating your aches and pains, and increasing your feeling of overall wellbeing.

As you browse these pages, please feel free to ask any questions by emailing tracy@drtracyleach.ca or by calling the office at (778) 828-5681.

Dr. Tracy Leach, B.Sc., D.C.
Bowen Island Chiropractor



Dr. Tracy Leach is one of the best chiropractors one can imagine to have. She's professional yet very caring. Her treatment has improved the pain from the old injuries that I had to live with for many years. Dr. Leach's approach is very gentle yet precise, and the result is obvious and wonderful, her treatment has even improved my breathing difficulties.
— Vicky T., 2009


It was close to 40 years ago as a young construction worker, that an improper lift damaged a cushion in my lower spine. Over the years through trial and error, I have learned that regular chiropractic adjustment is the only modality to consistently relieve related lower back pain. Through working with Dr. Leach, we have found that visits at five week intervals maintain my mobility, but more than that, Dr Leach's skills with Active Release Technique have increased my mobility in unrelated areas, such as knee, shoulder, hip and elbow. Even though 67 years young, none of my issues have been age related, but rather abuse or disuse related, and Dr Leach's encouragements sees me much younger than my biological age.
— Richard B.